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Disney Travel Secrets - How to do Disney

Jan 29, 2024

363 - In this episode of Disney Travel Secrets, hosts Rob and Kerri delve deeper into the intricacies of relocating to the enchanting world of Disney in Florida. As they continue their series on moving, they provide invaluable insights into the unique aspects of life in the Sunshine State.

But first they share their review of the new show at Epcot, Luminous and why it is a must see on your next Disney vacation. 

You will learn about the essential factors to consider when making the move, ranging from the weather variations that Floridians experience throughout the year to the distinctive landscaping that adorns the neighborhoods. The hosts also tackle the important decision of whether or not to have a pool, shedding light on the joys and responsibilities that come with this Floridian staple.

But that's not all—prepare to discover the fascinating world of critters, bugs, and wildlife that might become your new neighbors in Florida. Rob and Kerri share anecdotes and tips on navigating this aspect of life, ensuring you're well-prepared for the unique encounters you may have.

Moving beyond the exterior, the hosts break down the nuances of the interior of your new Florida home, offering practical advice on what to expect and how to make your living space truly magical. This includes some tips about furniture and decorations.

Uncover the secrets to a successful relocation, extending beyond just finding a great realtor, as Rob and Kerri share valuable tips on making your move a stress-free and delightful experience.

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